When it comes to your commercial refrigeration, do you know the differences between SantopreneTM and PVC gaskets? Door gaskets are primarily made of two materials: SantopreneTM or PVC. By understanding gasket material types, you can get the most out of your appliance and investment.

From durability strength to best-use applications, below is a comparison guide on SantopreneTM and PVC gaskets so you can choose the right material for your business’s needs.


SantopreneTM vs. PVC Gaskets: What is the Difference?

When deciding between SantopreneTM or PVC gaskets for your commercial refrigeration, it is crucial to understand their material differences and the pros and cons of each. It ensures you maintain the correct interior temperature and preserve the appliance’s lifespan.

Whether you are a business owner or a key decision maker, here is what you should know about the differences between SantopreneTM and PVC gaskets, including operating temperatures, costs, installation, and more.


What is SantopreneTM (TPV)?

What are SantopreneTM gaskets made of? A SantopreneTM gasket is manufactured with thermoplastic vulcanizates (TPV) and is a subcategory of thermoplastic elastomers (TPE). The gasket has vulcanized rubber particles distributed throughout a plastic base. SantopreneTM is the most popular gasket brand name and the most commonly used TPV gasket material.

Since SantopreneTM has a wider climate tolerance. It can be used in refrigerators, freezers, and other low-temperature commercial appliances. They’re also applicable to warmers and hot food boxes at foodservice facilities.

SantopreneTM gaskets have a temperature range from -40°F to 260°F, making them ideal for commercial applications with hotter and freezing environments. Its stronger resistance to breakdown from long-term exposure of grease, citrus, and other chemical-based cleaners makes it a practical option.

Foodservice sectors where these types of cleaning products are often used can benefit greatly from this gasket material. However, since SantopreneTM is a complex blend of materials, its average price points are higher than standard PVC costs.


What is PVC (Vinyl)?

PVC vinyl gaskets are made of polyvinyl chloride. It is one of the most popular door gasket materials available due to its lower cost and higher profile accessibility. For these reasons, custom gaskets will most likely only be required if your appliance is outdated or custom-manufactured.

Due to its strong usage performance and impact protection, industry applications for PVC gasket material typically include all types of commercial refrigeration equipment. However, PVC has a relatively narrow temperature range of -15°F to 160°F, making it less ideal for extreme temperatures, like freezer rooms or heated cabinets.

PVC’s weaker breakdown resistance from grease, citrus, and chemical cleaning exposure means a shorter life span if these products are used. PVC is less expensive but less durable if not cleaned regularly with a soap and water solution. Chemical cleaners should be avoided.


SantopreneTM or PVC Gaskets: Which is Best for Your Commercial Refrigeration?

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There are advantages and disadvantages to all refrigeration equipment and materials, depending on your commercial application. There are environments where SantopreneTM is the better option for commercial refrigeration and others where PVC may be more practical.


SantopreneTM Gasket Material Advantages & Disadvantages

If your commercial refrigeration equipment is in areas with large amounts of oil, grease, and harsh chemicals, SantopreneTM should be your gasket choice due to its durability and stain resistance. If you have a smaller budget, SantopreneTM may not be best due to its higher costs.

Advantages of using SantopreneTM TPV for commercial refrigeration gaskets include:

  • Wider operating temperature range
  • Durable and heat-aging-resistant
  • Longer average lifespan
  • Resistance to breakdown due to the use of chemical or citrus-based cleaners

Disadvantages include:

  • Higher material cost
  • Limited profiles available (although more are becoming regularly available)

Now that you know the pros and cons of SantopreneTM, below we will explain its best-use applications.


Best Use Applications for SantopreneTM Door Gaskets

SantopreneTM is ideal for refrigeration equipment requiring wider operating temperatures and stronger resistance to chemical/citrus cleaners. Industries, such as restaurants and industrial laundromats benefit more from this gasket material type.

SantopreneTM Gaskets

PVC Gaskets

Wider temperature range

Narrower temperature range

Plastic and rubber compound

Vinyl material

Higher costs

Lower costs

Limited, but growing number profiles

Many profiles

Best-use applications for SantopreneTM include galley cook lines, warming cabinets, and blast chillers due to its wider temperature range of -40 to 260°F compared to PVC. Due to this fact, it is important to point out that most foodservice OEMs are moving from PVC to Santoprene for the majority of their products.


PVC Gasket Material Advantages & Disadvantages

PVC is the more cost-effective gasket material due to its lower price points. However, it is less durable when compared to SantopreneTM.

Advantages of using PVC gasket material for commercial refrigeration include:

  • Relatively affordable
  • Flexible structure for diverse applications
  • More profiles available

Disadvantages include:

  • Less durable
  • Narrower operating temperature range
  • Less resistance to chemical or citrus-based cleaners

Now that you know the pros and cons of PVC, below are its best-use applications.


Best Use Applications for PVC Door Gaskets

PVC gaskets are commonly used for standard refrigeration doors and drawers in most foodservice applications.


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