How to Install Door Refrigeration Gaskets in Cold Weather

How to Install Door Refrigeration Gaskets in Cold Weather

Over the years, we have received concerns from customers about having difficulties installing door refrigeration gaskets in cold weather and cold temperature environments. Since our products are identical to the ones you would buy directly from the manufacturer, the problem is not the quality of the gasket, it is the packaging.

In order to save freight expense, most orders are repacked, which requires the gasket to be twisted once in order to fit into the carton. If the product is left in the carton for a few days, it will temporarily lose its shape, especially when shipped or stored in cold weather and cold temperatures. The product will return to its original shape if allowed to lay flat at room temperature, but that takes time and space, none of which you might have. So instead of worrying about that, we have a quick and easy method for you to try to heat up your gaskets for installation.

4 Step Method to Heat Up Door Refrigeration Gaskets for Easy Installation

1.   Get an inexpensive hair dryer, usually less than $10.

2.   Open the box (carton) and remove enough gaskets to make room inside. Make sure there is space cleared in the center of the box.

3.   Cut a hole in the center of the box on one side for the hair dryer and another hole for a vent on the opposite side. Make sure there are no gaskets directly under the hair dryer.

4.   Insert the hair dryer into one of the center holes and run on low heat, low speed for a few minutes or until the gasket is soft to the touch. Watch the gaskets that remain in the box (carton) as they will continue to soften.

***Note: When installing door gaskets, remember to insert the four corners first, the center of each side second, and press the dart in from each center to each corner.

And that's it. This method will allow for a quick and easy installation of door refrigeration that have been exposed to cold weather and cold temperature environments.

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