The Breakaway Difference

The Breakaway Difference

Not All Gaskets are the Same!

Here's why our gaskets are better.


Our Gaskets Are Made in the U.S.A.

•   You don't have to worry about poor quality imported products.

•   All of our Stock Gaskets are manufactured in the United States.

•   All of our Custom Gaskets are made in the United States.



Our welding devices are computer-controlled
and compressed air-driven.

•   This is our heater bar which we can adjust to more than 1,000°F.

•   It allows us to weld any material quickly and efficiently.


Our welds are automatically self-trimmed.

•   No manual cutting. Just a clean, OEM-quality weld.


Our welds last longer.

This is Our Weld

This is Their Weld

•   Because our welds are self-trimmed, you get a flexible corner which prolongs the life of your gasket.

That's the Breakaway Difference!

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