There is a lot more to a commercial refrigerator gasket than knowing it maintains a crisp, cool environment for a variety of environments, including restaurants, supermarkets, convenience stores, and more. Commercial refrigerator gaskets play a crucial role in maintaining a cool temperature for consumers’ daily perishables. Companies that require gaskets for their commercial refrigeration systems will also achieve energy savings over time. This article will cover what commercial refrigeration gaskets are, why they are important, how they work, and why it is important to maintain them to achieve the most optimal long-term results.


What are Commercial Refrigeration Gaskets?

To start, commercial refrigeration gaskets are flexible, elastic strips that attach to the outer edge of a refrigerator or freezer. Gaskets are mainly designed to form an air-tight seal that serves as a barrier between the cool air inside the commercial refrigerated space and the warmer external environment in the commercial location, such as an operations facility or retail store. Gaskets help minimize the amount of warm air that could enter the fridge or freezer, directly reducing the cooling load and level of energy consumption. The goal is to minimize energy costs, and gaskets are essential for that!

How Commercial Refrigeration Gaskets Work

Commercial refrigeration gaskets help maintain the internal temperature of both a refrigerator and a freezer by keeping the cold air in and the warm air out. If there are any faulty seals in the refrigerator or freezer door, this will cause the compressor to put more energy into maintaining the correct temperature, thus producing and burning more energy. When more energy burns, the higher the bill will be. When using a new gasket, most companies may see a 5% to 25% reduction in their energy bill for that piece of equipment.

What are Commercial Refrigeration Gaskets Used For?

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Commercial refrigeration gaskets are not only found in your local grocery store. In fact, they are used for refrigerators and freezers in multiple environments for businesses within the food service industry. While they are also used to keep perishable food items fresh in the aisle of supermarkets or in walk-in freezers, they are also found in coolers in the back stock rooms, in a restaurant, in larger corporate offices, and many other places. Out of all the different locations where you may find a commercial refrigeration gasket, one thing remains the same: they are used for the same purpose, which is to maintain an efficient cooling temperature to keep fresh and frozen items good.

Why Commercial Refrigeration Gaskets are Important

Commercial refrigeration gaskets are essential to any business in the commercial food service industry. They are an essential tool when it comes to maintaining the highest level of food safety. Across the U.S., every state, city, and county has established food and safety standards and codes regarding the preservation of meat, dairy, frozen foods, fruits, vegetables, and drinks. The last thing a business wants to deal with is losing out on perishable inventory due to excess moisture or higher temperatures entering a refrigerated space, which could have been prevented with a properly installed gasket.

Commercial refrigerator gaskets decrease the amount of moisture that could enter a refrigerated or frozen space. Properly installed and maintained gaskets prevent frost from building up on the cooling coils. If it builds up, it can jeopardize the operation of the entire refrigeration system—the heat transfer, airflow, and energy consumption—during the defrost cycle.

Why It’s Important to Take Care of Your Commercial Refrigeration Gaskets

To prevent unnecessary expenses for your commercial refrigeration system, it is recommended to replace defective gaskets regularly. When they are replaced, it will reduce compressor run time and improve the efficiency levels of the overall heat removal process. When you replace old or defective gaskets, new ones will provide multiple benefits, including:

  • Increasing kWh savings for your facility or retail location.
  • Optimize energy efficiency, thus reducing energy costs.
  • Promote ongoing food safety for customers and employees.

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