Commercial door gaskets provide a lot of value for companies that use them to maintain their products. Walk-in coolers and freezers have multiple components and features, one of them being door gaskets that help keep them operating properly. Understanding the different aspects of your walk-in cooler and walk-in freezer is critical to ensuring it functions efficiently.  


When Do You Need to Replace Your Walk-In Gasket?

It would be time to replace your walk-in gasket the moment you notice tearing, leaking, or damage. Another sign is when you notice frost showing anywhere on the door or the unit’s frame.

The door gasket on the inside edge of the cooler or freezer door is very important, as the seal keeps cold air from escaping, which also means that the unit would stay cooler longer and use less energy. Ensuring that your walk-in cooler / freezer door gaskets are replaced and in proper working condition will promote product integrity, and safety, and reduce the risk of bacteria or mold from growing at the leakage site.


How to Know Which Gasket You Need

Image of a hand pulling the door handle of a commercial refrigerator cooler door

With so many commercial door gaskets out there, here’s how you would determine which gasket you would need for your walk-in cooler or freezer before going online and purchasing.

  1. Determine the dimension of the gasket. Make sure to measure from outside corner to outside corner for both height and width.
  2. Second, establish the manufacturer information on the tag, usually located in the door jamb or mounted somewhere on the inner frame.
  3. Lastly, decide on the style of the gasket that you would need. Magnetic door gaskets are the most commonly used, however, there are also non-magnetic door gaskets, so it is important to verify and confirm which one you need before you place your order.
  4. You should also determine whether the gasket is affixed to the door by a snap-in or push-in dart or by the use of screws.


Things to Consider Before Your Purchase

Before you add your new walk-in cooler gasket to your shopping cart, here are some things to consider before ordering.

  1. Verify and confirm if the company you are ordering from is trustworthy and reliable.
  2. Do you have reviews that you can reference from this merchandiser?
  3. Do they sell OEM-quality products and keep them in stock?
  4. Is there a return policy in case the gasket does not fit?
  5. Do they provide quick, reliable shipping?
  6. How is their customer service? Are they easy to get in contact with in case you need to?
  7. Are there any other services on their site? For example, do they offer custom orders, parts separate from gaskets, and any discounts?


We are Your One-Stop Gasket Provider

It’s inevitable when owning a walk-in cooler or walk-in freezer,  that you will need to replace the door gaskets. To ensure you maintain your equipment efficiently, it’s essential to work with a provider who is reliable and trustworthy. Breakaway Enterprises is a distributor and manufacturer of commercial refrigeration gaskets for all types of refrigeration and freezer units throughout the commercial food service industry.

Visit our website to see our available collection of door gaskets ranging in shapes and sizes designed to fit any door, model, or equipment used in the industry. If you cannot find what you need, we can custom-make it for you.