Hussmann door gaskets not only provide excellent elastic recovery across an expansive temperature range, but also assures significant energy savings, superior sealing, and a longer life. Let’s begin to discover the types of Hussmann door gaskets you may find and need for your commercial refrigeration system, the different sizes of Hussmann gaskets, and which one you may need to purchase based on the door you have and if you need one replaced.


Types of Hussmann Door Gaskets

Hussmann commercial refrigeration gaskets predominantly come in 4-sided frames based on the specific door and model you are looking for. There are multiple types of Hussmann doors and models used mainly in the supermarket and convenience store segment. There are mainly four different profiles, shown below in decreasing order of popularity – the first is the primary profile used.

Hussmann Gasket Profile 1

Hussmann Gasket Profile 2

Hussmann Gasket Profile 3

Hussmann Gasket Profile 4

Additionally, there are different door gaskets for Hussmann OEM models, including 0428562, 461957, 428563, and 461958. These models account for more than 90% of Hussmann gasket sales and are indicated by the first profile shown below.


The Various Sizes of Door Gaskets for Hussmann

Hussmann offers a wide range of sizes for your commercial refrigerator and freezer based on the width and length of the door. The sizes vary depending upon the profile used, although you should be able to easily measure and obtain the actual dimensions of the gasket. It is highly recommended to:

  • Identify the profile and color of the gasket.
  • Determine the outside dimension of the gasket you are replacing.


Discover Which Hussmann Door Gasket You Need

split comparison image of a restaurant cooler versus a restaurant freezer that use Hussmann door gaskets for commercial refrigeration

Looking for a new Hussmann door gasket? If you can’t find the item you need on our website, the next best way is for you to determine the profile and color used, and the outside dimensions of the gasket. First, take a photo of the corner of the gasket while mounted on the door and another of the gasket dart and send it to us at From that, we can determine what you need, contact you if we have any questions, and fulfill your order - it’s that simple!


Cooler / Freezer Door Gaskets for Hussmann

The primary gaskets used are: 


Hussmann Door Gaskets for Sale Online at Breakaway Enterprises

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